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Full details of the application can be viewed by clicking here.

Update from Kent  County Council Public Rights of Way Officer (16 January 2019) – The Secretary of State for Transport has directed that the Order made by Kent County Council on 11 March 2016, the effect of which was to prohibit all traffic from Public Footpath DS6, has been extended for a further 12 months, until 14 March 2020.

Full details of the application can be viewed by clicking here.

Update from the landowners – (6 February 2018) is that currently they are trying to get the clearance work approved in advance so that this can be done prior to March (bird nesting season). The planning application (for the bridge works) goes to committee sometimg in March and they will hopefully be able to give a further update after March.

Update (27 September 2017) – Kent County Council have requested more information regarding Archaeology and Drainage for the land owners  scheme, once KCC advise the EDC they are happy with all the information provided to them then the EDC will be in a position to determine the required planning application. Obviously the opening of the footpath is weather dependant so it may not be possible until next year (2018). The land owner remains committed to open the footpath and in addition provision of the proposed land bridge as an alternative, now brings an opportunity to improve walking routes between Swanscombe and the new development at Eastern Quarry via the Gorge.

Update from the land owners (31 January 2017) is that in conjunction with the development partner they are preparing a footpath diversion application which runs separate but in conjunction with the Planning Application and takes up to 12 weeks as it is required to be advertised. The current notice is in place until 14 March 2017 therefore an extension would be needed. Work will commence at the end of April, the closure will be in place until 14 September 2017.

The owners of the bridge have advised (17 August 2016) that they are working closely with Kent County Council & the development partner to overcome the bridge issues and have just agreed a further closure extension for 6 months, with the repair designs etc.  still being discussed.”  Please click the following planning application number for details on the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation website : EDC/16/0073.

The following is an extract of the questions submitted during the public section of EDC meeting on 21 September 2016


Click on the notice below to link to Kent County Council webpage for information on the bridge closure. Enquiries regarding this closure should be made using the details provided on the notice.

closure notice

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    Claire Pearce

    Can you please provide me with an update on the opening of the footpath (DS6) According to KCC it is due to open on 14th March 2018 – is this correct?

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