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Update (9 January 2020) :- After consideration  by the full Council it was agreed to proceed with Option A – That the car park remains enforceable with the period of free parking extended to 4 hours and then 2 hours chargeable at £2.00.

Update (21 November 2019) :- The  Grove Car Park Working Group submitted x2 options to the RLA Committee who agreed to put both options to full Council for consideration. Due to the General Election taking place on 12 December 2019 the full Council would not be able to make a decision on this item until after that date.

Update :- The Grove Car Park Working Group had further meetings on 23 September and 1 November 2019.

Update (14 June 2019) :- The Grove Car Park Working Group met to begin the review of the Management Scheme.

Update (16 May 2019) :- It was agreed that the review be undertaken at the earliest opportunity by the Grove Car Park Working Group and any recommendsations agreed by the Working Group being put to full Council. (minute 33/19-20)

Update (14 February 2019) :- Members agreed that further to minute 110/18-19 and the fact that the Grove Car Park Management Scheme had been operational since 20 June 2018, members considered how they would like the review of the trial to be undertaken and, with the elections approaching (the latest date that purdah can start for the 2 May 2019 local elections is 26 March 2019), confirm the timing of the review.

After discussion it was agreed that the most appropriate time for the review would be after the local elections on 2 May 2019 and that the full Council in place at that time should consider how it would like to undertake the review. (minute  484/18-19.)

Update (20 June 2018) :- The signage has now been installed in the Grove Car Park today which details the terms and conditions for use.

Update (13 June 2018) :- We have been notified that the signage is scheduled to be delivered and installed on 20 June 2018.

Update (5 June 2018) :- Unfortunately when the signage was delivered for the car park it was found to be faulty so we are currently waiting for a new set to arrive.

Update (22 May 2018) :- We have been informed that the signage for the car park is expected to be delivered and installed over the next couple of weeks.

Update (17 May 2018) :- The pay & display machine is now operational and the Enforcement Team have issued tickets warning those cars that have not displayed tickets so that they are aware that they do need to do this if  they wish to use the car park, the signage will be put up as soon as it is available.

Update (16 May 2018) :- The workmen are on site installing the pay & display machine and the signage is due to be put up.

Update (8 May 2018) :- The Town Council have been informed that the new pay & display machine is planned to be fully operational by close of business on Wednesday 16 May 2018.

Update (27 April 2018) :- The Town Council have now received an update on the installation of the new equipment which will be undertaken over the next 2 weeks with the trial now beginning on 15 May 2018

Update (17 April 2018) :- After meeting with the organisation that will be enforcing the management of the car park works to install the necessary equipment are scheduled to take place in the near future with the trial beginning on 1 May 2018. 

Update (26 March 2018) :-  Due to a delay with installing the required equipment the start date of the trial is now likely to be 1 May 2018 but please keep checking here for further updates.

Please be aware that the trial is going ahead and has not been cancelled.

As you are probably aware the Town Councils Car Park in The Grove has been being mis-used for some time which is creating issues for the users that it was originally aimed at i.e. people using the High Street. The demand for parking now outstrips the provision available which has resulted in people struggling to get around the car park (both in vehicles and on foot).

The Town Council have been looking at ways to resolve this matter for some time and carried out a public consultation/survey in May 2016. The survey was carried out on-line via the Town Council website and was promoted via Facebook and Twitter with posters being displayed around the car park and on the 8 notice boards throughout the town. Hard copies of the survey were available in the Community Café, Church Road and at the Town Council Offices. At the 11 June 2016 Picnic in the Park Events (Swanscombe and Knockhall) stalls were provided to give the opportunity for responses to be submitted, details of the survey, and how to respond, were also published in the Correspondence Column of the Dartford Messenger.

A summary of the results of this survey can be viewed by clicking on the following link : Grove Car Park Survey Results

In an attempt to manage the situation for the whole community and not one or more sections of users, and to try and deter commuter parking and increase the opportunity for users of the shops the Town Council have taken the difficult decision to trial a Pay and Display Scheme for the car park.

Whilst aware that this change will not be to everyone’s liking we wanted to assure you that the charges being introduced (detailed below) are reasonable and that the purpose of this is not to generate income. All monies coming from the car park will be used to maintain the facility and to cover the cost of the management and enforcement of the parking.

First 2 hours FREE

£2 for 2 to 4 hours

No parking over 4 hours

These tariffs will operate Monday to Friday from 8am to 6.30pm (Correction (13 June 2018) – this should have read 6.00pm and NOT 6.30pm)

Payments will be able to be made by cash or by card and it is important to be aware that a ticket will be required for the 2 hours FREE parking.

 This 12 month trial scheme is scheduled to commence at the beginning of April 2018 but please check the Town Council website for any changes or updates.

It will not be possible to facilitate any public permits for this scheme but we want to assure users that the effectiveness and impact of this scheme will be reviewed after 12 months and that we welcome any comments or suggestions during this period and these need to be submitted via the link below.

Click to submit your comments / suggestions on the trial and its effectiveness.



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