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Message from Kent County Council Member Peter Harman.

“I have been following up with the relevant agencies the issue of the car racing that is occurring in many areas locally. I have been informed that Kent Police have received very few complaints from members of the public; I think a lot of people talk about it on Facebook, but do not report it to the police (because they think it a waste of time as nothing will be done). Also, Kent Police appear to treat each report as a separate incident, rather than having a system for seeing this as an ongoing problem and dealing with it.

I am willing to deal with this issue by following this up with Kent Police; however to do this I need accurate data that can be relied upon. Therefore I would ask that anyone subjected to car racing email details of what has occurred to “”, with a Cc to me at “”. If appropriate you could also report it at the time by telephone to Kent Police on “101”. In the email you need to give the following information:

Date and Time (from/to)

Exact location (as best you can)

Nature of problem: noise, speeding, racing, dangerous driving

Any further details (photos, reg nos, etc – if you have any)

Your name, address, and contact phone number (to be kept confidential)

I will then collate all the emails and follow this up with the relevant agencies. My contact phone number is (07956) 347419 for any queries.

Please click this link to see details for KCC Member Peter Harman

HARMAN P M - From KCC Website

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