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Planning 2023

Although the Town Council is unable to make decisions on planning applications it is a statutory consultee and submits comments/observations regarding applications that are within its boundaries.

Details for the three Planning Authorities that have the power to grant or refuse planning permissions can be obtained by clicking on the relevant logo :

DBC - 3 June 2016                       KCC - 3 June 2016                     EDC - 3 June 2016

Please click on the local planning applications listed below to see all the details available for that application, once you are viewing an application and you would like to submit any comments/views on that application please do so by clicking  the “Make a Comment” option which will be on the right hand side of the screen.

When making comments/observations on planning applications the following link provides good advice on what should be taken into account : Click for the Planning Portal.

The weekly planning list from Dartford Borough Council can be viewed by clicking on the link.

DA/23/01109/FUL – 31 Craylands Lane, Swanscombe.

EDC/23/0007 (KCC/DA/0232/2022) – Land adjacent to Oakwood and at Bungalow Yard, Watling Street, Bean

DA/23/01071/FUL – 43 High Street, Swanscombe 

EDC/22/0092 – Alkerden Barn, Alkerden Lane, Swanscombe.

DA/23/01033/FUL – 3 Bendigo Wharf, Pier Road, Greenhithe 

DA/23/01054/TRCON – 20-26 High Street, Greenhithe

DA/23/00973/FUL – 21 Pilgrims View, Greenhithe

DA/23/01003/FUL – 11 Ivy Bower Close, Greenhithe

DA/23/00997/FUL – 65 Empire Walk, Greenhithe

DA/23/00767/FUL – Accuba House, 35 High Street, Greenhithe

DA/23/00989/TPO – 3 Watermans Way, Greenhithe

DA/23/00969/REM – SWCS Car Sales, Craylands Lane, Swanscombe

DA/23/00957/VCON – Former Builders Yard, Harmer Road, Rear of 64 Stanhope Road, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00833/FUL – 12 Boleyn Way, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00959/FUL – 17 Woodland Way, Greenhithe.

DA/23/00942/FUL – 12 Atlantic Close, Swanscombe

KCC/DA/0046/2023 – Craylands Primary School, Craylands lane, Swanscombe

DA/23/00729/FUL – 125 & 125A Milton Road, Swanscombe

DA/23/00728/FUL – 123 & 123A Milton Road, Swanscombe

DA/23/00901/FUL – Booze Mini Market, 62 High Street, Swanscombe 

DA/23/00931/ FUL – 11 Park Terrace , Greenhithe. 

DA/23/00709/FUL – Akash Tandoori, 54 Milton Road, Swanscombe 

DA/23/00768/TPO – 5 St Pauls Close, Swanscombe 

DA/23/00719/FUL – 2 Park Road, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00712/FUL – 29 Robinson Way, Northfleet.

DA/23/00689/FUL – 95 Ames Road, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00664/COU – First Galley Hill Group, 110 Church Road, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00654/FUL – Veterinary Practice, 41-43 Swanscombe Street, Swanscombe.

DA/23/00653/FUL – 27 Trebble Road, Swanscombe 

DA/23/00644/TPO – 7 Watermans Way, Greenhithe.

EDC/23/0067 – Unit A6, Northfleet Industrial Estate, Northfleet.

DA/23/00514/FUL – Rear of 119 – 133 Milton Street Swanscombe 

DA/23/00522/FUL – 25 Eynsford Road, Greenhithe

EDC/23/0045 – Land North of Tiltman Avenue, Swanscombe

DA/23/00451/FUL – Cheers Dental Practice, 23 High Street Swanscombe 

DA/23/00505/FUL – 5 London Road, Greenhithe

DA/23/00508/TPO – 12 The Dell, Greenhithe 

DA/22/01353/FUL – Former Builders Yard, Harmer Road Rear Of 64 Stanhope Road Swanscombe

EDC/23/0044 – Unit A7, Northfleet Ind Est, Lower Road, Northfleet

DA/23/00445/FUL – 45 Lewis Road, Swanscombe 

DA/22/01408/VCON – 1 Prioress Crescent, Greenhithe

DA/23/00439/VCON – Rosewood, 28 Bean Road, Greenhithe

DA/23/00416/FUL – 44 Mounts Road, Greenhithe

EDC/22/0199 – Veka Recycling Ltd, Manor Way, Swanscombe

DA/23/00229/FUL – 27 Frosbisher Way, Greenhithe

DA/23/00145/FUL – Car Park, Steele Avenue, Greenhithe

DA/23/00109/FUL – Adjacent 15 The Crescent, Greenhithe 

DA/23/00118/FUL – Swanscombe Pavilion, The Grove, Swanscombe

DA/23/00067/FUL – 57 Pentstemon Drive, Swanscombe 

DA/23/00087/FUL – The Warren, 29 High Street, Greenhithe

DA/23/00767/FUL – Accuba House, 35 High Street, Greenhithe 

DA/23/00082/TPO – 19 Watermans Way, Greenhithe

EDC/22/0110 – Unit6, Rod End Estate, Lower Road, Northfleet 

DA/21/00986/FUL – Former Builders Yard, Spring Vale, Greenhithe – Reconsultation

DA/23/00027/TPO – 19 The Grove, Swanscombe

Click below for planning applications received by the Town Council in previous years.

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