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The London Resort -Update.

The application was recently accepted for Examination by The Planning Inspectorate (on behalf of The Secretary of State).

If you would like to register as an Interested Party for the proposed London Resort development the registration period has now opened. The period during which you can submit a Relevant Representation to the Inspectorate begins on 19 February 2021 and will end on 31 March 2021. If you register as an Interested Party you will have the right to make representations about the application and will be informed of the progress of the Examination.

If you are unable to complete a registration form online and would like to register your interest, you can do so by calling the Inspectorate’s helpline on: 0303 444 5000, quoting the name of the Application and the Inspectorate’s reference number BC080001.–kQ

Details of how to Register to Participate in an Examination are published on the National Infrastructure Planning website under ‘Legislation and Advice’ and can be found at:

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