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Policies & Procedures

Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI’s).

Town Council members are required to formally disclose pecuniary interests of both themselves and their spouses in line with the Localism Act 2011. The Act requires that members disclose details of employment, property ownership, contract or tenancies with the council, sponsorship, or shareholding.

DPI’s must be disclosed within 28 days of election. If not already disclosed, a member must disclose a DPI at any meeting at which an item affecting a DPI is being considered. Any new DPI’s must be disclosed to the Monitoring Officer within 28 days.

Member’s must not participate or vote in any discussion where a DPI is present, unless prior dispensation permitting this has been provided.

If without reasonable excuse a member fails to comply with these rules, they may be found guilty of an offence which is liable to a maximum fine of £5,000 and disqualification of up to five years. The Monitoring Officer at Dartford Borough Council publishes all the Town Council DPI’s (click here)

The Town Council has adopted the following Policies and Procedures to ensure good practice and promote transparency of council activities. Please click on the link to view each Policy, alternatively all Policies and Procedures can be viewed by appointment at the Town Council Offices. These Policies are reviewed each year at the Annual General Meeting (in May).


Action Plan 2023-2024

CCTV Policy

Child Protection Policy

Civic Protocol

Community Engagement Strategy

Complaints Procedure Policy

Complaints Handling Procedure Policy.

Financial Regulations

Investment Strategy Policy

Media Policy

Members Code of Conduct

Memorial Policy

Metal Detector Policy 

Policy for Use of Parks Open Spaces 

Recording Policy

Risk Management Policy

Standing Orders

Tree Management and Planting Policy


Absence Management Policy

Assaults on Staff Policy

Capability Procedure Policy

Dignity at Work

Equal Opportunities Policy

Family Leave Policy

Grievance Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Jury Service Policy

Pension Policies 2013 LGPS Regulations

Redundancy Policy

SmokeFree Policy

Staff Disciplinary Procedures Policy

Stress Policy

Training & Development Policy

Whistleblowing Policy


Acceptable Use of IT Policy

Breach Notification Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Training Policy

Data Retention and Disposal Policy

Document Retention Policy

Information Security Policy

Publication Scheme inc Schedule of Charges

Subject Access Request Policy

Privacy Policy

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