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2021 – 2022

+Full Town Council
+Community Safety Committee

Agenda’s for the Community Safety Committee.

CSC Agenda -14 July 2021

CSC Agenda Papers – 14 July 2021

+Recreation Leisure & Amenities Committee

Agenda’s for the Recreation, Leisure & Amenities Committee.

RLA Agenda – 20 July 2021  

RLA Agenda Papers – 20 July 2021

+Finance & General Purposes Committee

Agenda’s for the Finance & General Purposes Committee

FGP Agenda – 8 July 2021

FGP Agenda Papers – 8 July 2021

+Planning Major Development Transportation & Environment Committee

Agenda’s for the Planning, Major Development, Transportation & Environment Committee.

Additional PTE Agenda -30 June 2021

PTE Agenda – 30 June 2021

+Heritage Sub-Committee

Agenda’s for the Heritage Sub-Committee.


+Executive & Emergency Committee

Agenda’s for the Executive & Emergency Committee.


+Regeneration & Quality Sub Committee
+Allotment & Cemeteries Sub- Committee

Agenda’s for Allotment & Cemeteries Sub Committee.

+Personnel Committee

Agenda’s for the Personnel Committee.


+Leases & Legal Sub-Committee

Agenda’s for the Leases & Legal Sub-Committee.



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